Oxford’s new tune


The Frenchman has does it again. Oxford, who weirdly keeps quite a low profile despite being one of the most talented producers on the Nu-Disco and Dreamwave scene, has dropped another bombshell summer jam. This is pure synthesized good times.

‘Flashlight’ is exactly that, a light in the dark. A rolling Funk bassline pulsates it’s way through the track, deep and low, while lush, sidechaned, synths create a nice nostalgic mood. But it’s the soloing that really makes this track fly. First up, in the breakdown, we’re treated to a lovely piano interlude which soon seugeways into a wicked synth funk solo before bringing us back to the groove. Oxford really needs to release an EP soon, we demand it!

Oxford – Flashlight

Check out more from Oxford on SoundCloud.

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