A.N.D.Y. reMixes Jupiter


Listening to French ElectroPop partnership Jupiter’s new single ‘One O Six’, it’s immediately obvious that the track is a homage to the Roland Juno 106 synthesizer. Saying that though, I suppose they could be singing about the Peugeot 106, or the 106 bus route that runs between Finsbury Park and Whitechapel in London, where the duo met. See how I slipped that in there? It’s called journalism bitches.

Alongside reMixes from the likes of Juveniles, The Supermen Lovers & Turzi Electronique Experience, the real highlight of the single is this version from is-he-or-isn’t-he-in-Mustang-anymore fella A.N.D.Y. and it’s an absolute blinder of a tune. Continuing in his tradition of mixing analog Disco grooves with bouncy ElectroPop synth lines, A.N.D.Y. one again throws loads of different elements into the pot and brews up a tasty DiscoPop stew. Driven by a crazy simple, but funky as all hell, bassline the track dips in and out of big retro stabs, lush strings and a hint of a Tropical flavour then nicely twists things about in a big building middle eight, that sounds like the theme to an ‘80’s cartoon about robots lost in space, before dropping you right back in the thick of the Disco.

Jupiter – One O Six (A.N.D.Y. reMix)

Jupiter’s ‘One O Six’ is released 16th April.

Buy Jupiter’s music from:


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