Monsieur Adi reMixed by Freak You


If you read electronic rumors at all you’ll know that in the past year French symphonic Nu-Disco maestro Monsieur Adi has been raising the bar for everyone with amazing track after amazing track, leading up to the release of his mind-blowing ‘Fire Fire Fire’ EP.

Now the track ‘Requiem’ from the EP is getting a single release and one of the reMixes included will be by On The Fruit head honcho Freak You. Freak You’s reMix is a breezy ElectroPop affair, playing with the vocoded vocals as another layer of melody. Speaking of Melodies, Freak You’s multiple lead lines are a real joy in this tune, each one complementing the last. The ‘She’s In Heaven’ mix is a real nice mid-tempo jam that strikes just the right blissed out note.

♫ Monsieur Adi – Requiem (Freak You ‘She’s In Heaven’ reMix)

The ‘Fire fire Fire’ EP is out now and comes highly recommended, ‘Requiem’ is out soon.

Buy Monsieur Adi’s music from:

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