More new music from Mitch Murder

Mitch Murder

After a period of quiet, once SynthWave maestro Mitch Murder released his awesome ‘Current events’ album, brand new tracks from the Sweedish producer are becoming a weekly occurrence!

That’s no bad thing though, his latest ‘Glass Cities’ is just the latest in amazing, atmospheric tracks. Quiet and reserved, with synths like raindrops, the intro to ‘Glass Cities’ creates the mood for the whole track. Spacious and mysterious, which a slightly oriental felling and when the beat and bassline kick in, you know something is going down in the metropolis. I don’t really need to reiterate that Mitch Murder is pretty much the king of retro synthesizer soundtrack-esque tunes, but now you know what to expect, but the cinematic bassline and the hints of Jarre’s ‘Zoolook’ are particular highlights of this one.

♫ Mitch Murder – Glass Cities

Mitch Murder’s stunning ‘Current Events’ album is out now.

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:


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