DMX Krew’s new EP


Coming soon on Voltaire Records is the latest EP from one of our favourite artists, the almighty DMX Krew.

‘East Side Boogie’ sees a welcome return of the Electro Funk, Moog Disco and Vodocder DMX Krew, with EDMX. The title track is all B-Boy Beats, New York Disco chords and tons of poppin’ electro toms. It;s the perfect Breaker’s anthem, a call to uprock with a Disco flavour. The EP contains six track of cosmic, electronic, real Electro. Vintage drum machine beats hammer out robotic rhythms while fat analog synths craft atmospheres think with groove. This is 1981’s future, when the streets of The Bronx moves to an army of funky robots. I like the fact that EDMX does what the hell he likes, and you can never tell whether w DMX Krew release will be ElectroPop, B-Boy Electro, Moog Disco or something more experimental. But this kind of melodic, deep, Electro is where my DMX Krew preference lies. Can’t wait for the ‘East Side Boogie’ EP to be released.

♫ DMX Krew – East Side Boogie (Original)

♫ DMX Krew – Turing Test

♫ DMX Krew – Mind Bombs

♫ DMX Krew – East Side Boogie (reMix)

‘East Side Boogie’ is released soon.

Buy DMX Krew’s music from:


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