Bag Raiders reMixed by Cassian


This huge reMix of, one of my favourite bands, Bag Raiders’ ‘Snake Charmer’ has been a staple of Cassian’s DJ sets for almost a year now, so it’s pretty exciting that he’s just been given the go-ahead to release it to the world.

This mix plays around with the tracks lead riff, then goes crazy with the percussion. It’s a track that strikes me as a big summer festival tune that would go down a storm with 20,000 other people in a muddy field. Maybe this summer we’ll see just such a happening.

Bag Raiders – Snake Charmer (Cassian reMix)

This remix is included on the fourth volume of Modular Recordings’ awesome, and absent for far too long, ‘Leave Them All Behind’ compilation series, out now.

Buy Bag Raiders’ music from:


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