Baron Von Luxxury’s ‘The Last Seduction’

Baron Von Luxxury

Blake Robin A.K.A. Baron Von Luxxury has been creeping around, injecting classic sounding tracks and reMixes into out consciousness for a while now and this week saw the release of his new album, ‘The Last Seduction’. Be warned, it’s ElectroPop gold!

The album seems like, I don’t mind saying, the perfect meeting of Nu-Disco and ‘80’s SynthPop, from the opening track, the Moroder stylings of ‘The Lovely Theresa’, it’s all cosmic Disco grooves and big ‘80’s choruses. there is something so addictive in the Baron’s mastery of both Funky dancefloor grooves and what can only be described as big, classic, Pop hooks. The album ranges from The Human League-esque straight-up SynthPop such as ‘Alice Underground’ to floor shaking Disco groovers like the title track. He’s roped in some help too Keenhouse contributes synth work and production here and there and returning the favour for his reMix of ‘Meddle’ Little Boots shows up on ‘That Disco Beat’, a big DiscoPop epic. To be honest I can imagine any readers of this site that I wouldn’t recommend this album to!

Baron Von Luxxury (Feat. Little Boots) – That Disco Beat

Baron Von Luxxury – Alice Underground

Baron Von Luxxury – The Last Seduction

Baron Von Luxxury – Terry Richardson (Produced By Keenhouse)

‘The Last Seduction’ is out now to download and released on Manimal Vinyl.

Buy Baron Von Luxxury’s music from:


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