Malibu B’s new single

Malibu B

We recently featured Hungarian producer Malibu B and his début EP, and loved it. the guy must be a workaholic ‘cos a matter of weeks later he’s back with a storming new single, ‘Endgame’.

‘Endgame’ drops the 808 cowbells and B-Boy beats to great effect, sitting at the nice meeting point between Old School Electro-Funk and SynthWave. The lead line particularly is of that post-Yazoo’s ‘Situation’ kinds that blurred the lines between SynthPop and Poppin’ & Lockin’. Breakin’ beats aside the track is a beautiful, swelling, synthesizer journey who’s chords instil a sense of calm amongst the retro groove. The B-Side, ‘Loss’, is a deep Jan Hammer-esque peice that, in the imaginary movie it’s soundtracking, sees out hero in a quiet moment of contemplation before the big action set-piece finale.

♫ Malibu B – Endgame

♫ Malibu B – Loss

Check out more from Malibu B on SoundCloud.

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