Malibu B’s début EP

Hungarian SynthWave newcomer Malibu B is gearing up for the release of his début EP, ‘Launch’, coming soon via Black Leather Records.

This long time DJ turned creator of retro synth epics kicks off his inaugural release with the title track, a tune that lives up to it’s name. ‘Launch’ slowly builds layers upon layers of atmospheric synths and repetitive melodies until what began as a gently soundtrack peice becomes a foundation of musical anticipation whit which Malibu B launches the rest of the EP. ‘Delta Light’ follows, skilfully mixing the stabs of very early ‘90’s House with the sweeping sounds of SynthWave. That leads into ‘Conquest Of The Sky’, the EP’s centrepiece. ‘Conquest Of The Sky’ is the place where Vangelis and Italo meet. It’s pure ‘80’s soundtrack stuff, but unlike many of it’s contemporaries we’re not talking some teen movie here, there’s a much more mature feel to the melodic interplay, bringing to mind some of Vangelis’ work later in the ‘80’s. Coupled with a vintage synth bassline and a cheap beat, it’s a track the seems to envelope you in it’s structure. The EP plays out with ‘Royalty’, a cosmic slow jam, full of Sci-fi synths. the Launch EP is an impressive début for this Budapest resident.

While you’re here, check out ‘On The Beach’ too, a bonus free download that sees Malibu B in a chilled out wind-down mode. Amongst the slowly modulating synths, though, there is still a hint of the ‘90’s House that creeps into all his tunes, the 909 rimshot, particularly, is pretty nostalgia inducing.

♫ Malibu B – Launch

♫ Malibu B – Conquest Of The Sky

Malibu B – On The Beach

Malibu B’s Launch EP is our soon on Black Leather Records.

Check out more from Malibu B on SoundCloud.

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