Malibu B & Binalog Frequency

Malibu B

Last month we featured Hungarian SynthWave dreamer Malibu B’s new single ‘Engame’, well not it;s getting a proper release, courtesy of Binalog Productions with the EP including a new dark rework from Binalog Frequency himself.

Binalog’s ‘Return To LA’ version takes the aspects of ‘Endgame’ most suited to spinning on your back on a peice of lino and runs with them. This is kind of dark, moody, Electro that flourished through the likes of Juan Aitkin’s Cryotron briefly before Hip Hop hit the big time and still lurks in the Electro shadows. The Jan Hammer-esque lead line of ‘Endgame’ takes on a whole new dystopian feel when coupled with Binalog’s 808 percussion. All this is driving by a growling, relentless machine beat. If the original is Miami Vice, then this is The Terminator.

♫ Malibu B – Endgame (Binalog’s Return To LA version)

Buy Malibu B’s music from:


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