Vince Fierro drops free EP

Vince Fierro

Riding on the success of the release of his début album, ‘Origins’, Californian Disco-House producer  Vince Fierro has dropped a free EP over on his SoundCloud.

Vince describes the  ‘Night All Day’ EP as his “first all-synth-and-vocal EP”. It contains four tracks of feel-good beach party Vocal Nu-Disco, leading with ‘You Stole The Light’, a sweeping slo-mo groove full of big retro synth sounds and gentle vocals that leads into the more pumping Prog House/Dreamwave crossover of ‘You Do What You Do’ and the French-Touch-esque call-to-dance of ‘Night All Day’. This is a top quality EP for retro synth heads and Prog House fans alike, and it costs no pounds, no pence (that’s no dollars, no cents for you Americans)!

Vince Fierro – You Stole The Light

Vince Fierro – You Do What You Do

Vince Fierro – Night All Day

You can download the whole EP from Vince’s SoundCloud.

Buy Vince Fierro’s music from:


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