Can love be a synth?


Photographer Katja Ruge has snapped some of the great of SynthPop and post-punk in her almost legendary carrier and still is the go to girl for portraits of some of the lading lights in electronic music.

Alongside her LoveGang artist/DJ collective have been throwing ‘Kann denn Liebe Synthie sein?’ (‘Can love be a synth?’) SynthPop parties (as well as their LoveGang parties) to which Katji also added and photography/design exhibition based around classic analog synths. Giant tiled tributes to the synths that rock our world, photographed from Sunny and Frank’s SynthesizerStudio in hamburg, are on display at Achteinhalb Store in Berlin.

Katja Ruge

To celebrate the success of the show Katja and crew are going out with a closing day party on the 10th September when you can enjoy the work, listen to some tunes and get the chance to walk home with a synth peice of your own.

If you’re in the Berlin are, you can find all the info right here.

4 comments on “Can love be a synth?

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