Show Your Shoe & SaiR


SaiR and Show Your Shoe, two names that are constantly on our playlists, together at last.

Show Your Shoe’s reMix of ‘Clockwise’ sees Nico braking out the big synth bass and slick Disco riffs for a track with is equal parts pumping and epic. Taken to rhythmic new places by some sweet string hits, this new reMix kinda’ carries you along in it’s journey through the landscape of Funk.

SaiR – Clockwise (Show Your Shoe reMix)

Check out the original on Sair’s SoundCloud.

Buy SaiR’s music from:

One comment on “Show Your Shoe & SaiR

  1. Эххх: Наваяли так наваяли, я раз 7 пробовал начать блог, но всё никак, а тут почитал ваш сайт и каааак началось! И вот уже несколько месяцев веду свой блог. Блогадарю за заряд энергии! Пишите ещё!

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