M83 reMixed by Who Killed JR?


A brief glance at SoundCloud will reveal that the world is flooded with shitty reMixes of M83’s ‘Midnight City’ that’s don’t really do anything and are just uninspired ‘producers’ trying to latch onto the latest buzz track. …Who Killed JR?, however, totally nail it!

The South African producer adds just the right amount of dancefloor energy into the tune, keeping enough of the original to make it recognisable but cutting and pasting it in interesting ways and adding his own layer of melody, finding the prefect balance between the original and making it his own. This mix would go down a storm at peak time, with the instantly identifiable riff of the original and a whole new level of groove.

M83 – Midnight City (reMixé Par Who Killed JR?)

M83’s ‘Midnight City’ is out now.

Buy M83’s music from:


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