Claps début album


Recalling early ‘80’s experimentation of The Futurists, Claps are a three peice Minimal Synth outfit from Minneapolis and have just released their début album ‘Wreck’.

Robotic beats and droning vintage synth sounds provide a cold and mysterious backing that both supports and juxtaposes catchy lead lines and heartfelt vocals throughout the nine tracks. The early Mute Records-esque rhythms and moody synthesizer tones may conjure thoughts of dark, experimental music, but it would be hard to actually call Claps ‘dark’, melancholy yes, but their is a strain of optimism shooting through their tracks and the otherworldly melodies and soft, imitate voice are far to Pop to really be called dark.  If fact, at times ‘Wreck’ veers into ‘Speak & Spell’ era Depeche Mode fun territory and could quite easily be bopped to on a 1982 dancefloor. With the release of this record Claps have introduced a sprinkling of bass guitar into their analog synth set-up giving many of the tracks a slight Joy Division flavour, musically, on the tracks it’s introduced. Overall, if you love early ‘80’s SynthPop then this album is for you, it’s like Minimal Synth without the pretension.

♫ Claps – Across the Floor

♫ Claps – House

Clap’s ‘Wreck’ is released this week.

Buy Claps’ music from:


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