Billie Ray Martin’s ‘Twisted Lover’


Billie Ray Martin’s ‘Twisted Lover’ originally appeared on the ‘BRM New Demo’s 2003’ album in it’s ‘Old Version’ form. Now the lovely Ms. Martin has seen fit to give away this brand new version of the track.

What was once a Deep-House flavoured SynthPop track has now upped the tempo and upped the analog Disco. Racing Moroder-esque arpeggios drive the track along and seem to morph Billie’s vocals from the soulful lament of the original to a huge diva performance. Add to that some infectious synth melodies and you have a huge ol’ track!

Billie Ray Martin – Twisted Lover (Master)

Billie Ray Martin and Robert Solheim’s The Opiates project’s album ‘Hollywood Under The Knife’  is out now.

Buy Billie Ray Martin’s music from:


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