Mayer Hawthorne covers Chromeo


I’m never really sure what to make of bands putting cover versions of their own tracks by other bands on their releases. Did Kitsuné start it?

Here we have Mayer Hawthorne covering Chromeo and Solange Knowles’ ‘When The Night Falls’, taken from Chromeo’s ‘When The Night Falls Single’. Being Chromeo’s single it’s billed as written below, but surely that should be ‘Mayer Hawthorne – When The Night Falls (Chromeo Cover)’, no? Mayer Hawthorne being the artist. But I suppose that would screw up sales in iTunes or something. And as a blogger who am I writing about? Chromeo, or Mayer Hawthorne? Who get’s the picture and the purchase links? Today I’m going with Chromeo as it’s their single, but it does my head in.

Anyhoo, I’m sure you want to know about the music. Luckily after all that it’s pretty damn good. It is quite an achievement to take a Chromeo track and make it smoother, but Mayer Hawthorne manages it, bringing a laid back 70’s Funk to the track. Stick this track on and everything slips into slow motion/

Chromeo (Feat. Solange Knowles) – When The Night Falls (Mayer Hawthorne Cover)

Chroemo’s ‘When The Night Falls’ single is out now and taken from their amazing ‘Business Casual ‘ album.

Buy Chromeo’s music from:

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