Clancy’s ‘Panther’ EP


One of the UKs most exciting up-and-coming producers Clancy drops his new EP today, his first for ‘the ever-awesome Holographic People’.

The ‘Panther EP’ sees Clancy at his Dreamwave finest with three original tracks and a couple of reMixes. The title track is five minutes of synthesizer bliss. Almost Futurecop!-esque in it’s ElectroPoppiness, ‘Panther’ is retro synth perfection, from the digital bass to the uplifting 80’s chords, this is how it should be done. Noting about ‘Panther’ doesn’t make you feel good. ‘4000 Shards’ is more designed to make you move. Ironically it growls a bit more than ‘Panther’. Definitely a nightdrive of a tune, ‘4000 shards’ is the cop film to ‘Panthers’ teen movie. The trilogy is made up by ‘Bite The Lightning’, a pure retro dancefloor workout that is nothing short of genius, and easily cements Clancy’s place amongst the top producers making Nu-Disco/Dreamwave today.

♫ Clancy – Panther

♫ Clancy – 4000 Shards

reMixes are supplied by beaumont and StardonE. beaumont treats us to a nice clash between the ChipTune Disco sounds we are used to from him and a laidback piano led vibe that has us looking forward to his début EP for Holographic more than ever. Korea’s awesome StardonE add a little of his Cosmic Disco to the mix with a reMix epic reMix that plays the EP out on a high.

♫ Clancy – 4000 Shards (beaumont reMix)

♫ Clancy – 4000 Shards (StardonE reMix)

Clancy’s ‘Panther EP’ is out now and comes highly recommended!

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