Fear Of Tigers reMixes Queen Of Hearts…all hail Queen Of Tigers!

I’m starting to think that Fear Of Tigers tracks are like busses. You wait ages for one then a few come along at once!

The anthemic sweeping Pop of Queen Of Hearts’ ‘Where Are You Now?’ has had a Fear Of Tigers going over. There are a few acts out there that seem to be destined to be reMixed by FOT (I’m still waiting for a FOT reMix of Bright Light Bright Light’s ‘Love Part II’!!!) and Queen Of Hearts feels like one of them. Her accessible classic Pop voice is the perfect accompaniment for Fear Of Tigers’ sparkling retro power Pop. The track is pure ElectroPop genius with an added sprinkling of Disco licks to give it that funky edge before bringing you back to the huge Pop chorus.

Y’all know how much I love Diamond Cut and StardonE? Well, don’t tell them, but this might be my favourite version of ‘Where Are You Now?’…

Queen Of Hearts – Where Are You Now? (Fear Of Tigers reMix)

I’d also like to add that last time I wrote about Queen Of Hearts I questioned both her authenticity and the hype surrounding her. These were comments she took in the spirit in which they were intended and was pretty, well…regal, about it (i.e. she didn’t get shitty about it). People who can take not-necessarily-100%-positive comments about themselves in good humour are people I immediately warm to. She seems like good peeps.

She’s playing her début show tonight at Madame Jo-Jo’s in Soho. So good luck to her and continued good luck to Ben Fear Of Tigers in his charity marathon run.

Props to Robot & Pigeon for getting the premier on this one.

Queen Of Hearts @ Beatport

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