Queen Of Hearts & StardonE

Sooooo, we haven’t written about Queen Of Hearts yet. Was there a reason for that? Well, yes and no. We’ve love both her songs to date, played them a lot round these parts, especially her work with on of our favourite producers, Diamond Cut, but always felts a little suspicious of all the hype. It’s not that we didn’t love them music, it’s just that we felt there was a joke we weren’t in on. When every single music publication we admire gushes about something on the basis of a thirty second sample and the artist has been in the studio with Diamond Cut, Fear Of Tigers and Dreamtrak, three producers we love, I dunno’, the whole thing seems a little ‘manufactured to be blog friendly’ for me.

However…we could be wrong, and on a purely musical front Queen Of Hearts is, we will admit, worth a lot of the hype.

Her recent track, the Diamond Cut produced ‘Where Are You Now?’ is prefect Pop for a Dreamwave generation (maybe our suspicion cones from it being too good?). DC knocks it out the park with his dancefloor 80’s production, the slick Disco guitar riffs and massive sweeping synths would make an awesome instrumental track in their own right but work amazingly well as a backing for QoH’s sultry, if a little distant, vocals. Sounding a little like ‘Little Boots a couple of years older’ Queen Of Hearts has the potential to be something really special. On top of that our favourite Korean, StardonE, has reMixed the track bringing his cosmic Nu-Disco to the tune with some rad little funky riffs.

Queen Of Hearts – Where Are You Now? (Produced By Diamond Cut)

Queen Of Hearts – Where Are You Now? (StardonE reMix)

I’m probably wrong about Queen Of Hearts, and even if I’m right, the music will remain pretty awesome, and that’s really what counts in the end.

Queen Of Hearts @ Beatport

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2 comments on “Queen Of Hearts & StardonE

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