Space-age DiscoPop trio Cosmonaut  jumped into our consciousness with a track on the forthcoming Kitsuné Maison volume 11. We’ve already featured their track ‘Say What You Want’ with it’s organic, analog synth laden, Cosmic  sound, so let’s hear a little more from this Australian three piece.

Frankie Barretso got his hands on ‘Say What You Want’ and introduced these three Cosmonauts to an alien machine society with an arpeggio driven track that eschews the live feel of the original for pure robo Funk. ‘Jupiters’ and ‘Terminator Sky’, two original tracks from the trio, are both the same kind of live ElectroPop jam as ‘Say What You Want’. The Sci-Fi subject matter and electronic nature of the music given a human feel and a rawness that makes it feel, at the same time, more accessible yet more epic.

This truly is the soundtrack to your voyage home!

Cosmonaut – Say What You Want (Barretso reMix)

Cosmonaut – Jupiters

Cosmonaut – Terminator Sky

‘Say What You Want’ appears on the ‘Kitsuné Maison 11 ‘The Indie-Dance Issue’’ followed by the ‘Cosmonaut EP’ release on Young Mine. Cosmonaut also have a double A-side single, ‘One Dancefloor’/’Erroneous Monk’, incoming on Bang-Gang Twelve Inches.

Buy Cosmonaut’s music from:


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