Crystal Castles Featuring Robert Smith

We heard from a few sources earlier in the week that ElectroPunks Crystal Castles were releasing, as a future single, a version of ‘Not In Love’, from their second self-titled album, that would feature the vocals of The Cure frontman Robert Smith.

Well here it is! It’s actually a lot better than I thought it would be, somehow it just works. Robert Smith’s unmistakable voice sits atop Crystal Castles’ noisy electronics surprisingly well. It may have been one of CC’s poppier songs to begin with but I wasn’t expecting the collaboration to sound so ‘right’.

Crystal Castles (Feat. Robert Smith) – Not In Love

Also, Crystal Castes sound odd with legible vocals!

‘Not In Love’ will be Crystal Castles’ next single, after ‘Baptism’, on 6th December.

Crystal Castles @ Beatport

Crystal Castles @ Juno

Crystal Castles @ 7Digital

Crystal Castles @ Amazon

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2 comments on “Crystal Castles Featuring Robert Smith

  1. I saw this on CC’s facebook today and was wondering if you were going to post it. Pretty good, but CC kept it fairly tame.

    Do you know anything about Russ Chimes’ remix of Cassius – I Love You So? I’m really excited to hear the full version.

    • I’ve only heard the preview on SoundCloud, it did sound awesome but right now I’m just holding on for the Midnight Club EP to drop, need those tracks in 320kbps SO badly!

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