LexiconDon – Pink + Blue

LexiconDon have come on in leaps and bounds, production wise, but haven’t seem to have lost any of their raw energy.

This week finally sees the release of their début long player, ‘Pink + Blue’. An album I have been listening to for around a week now and I’m still impressed how they have managed to distil numerous slants of ElectroPop into one rad package. Firstly there is the vibe of early LexiconDon tracks. I always thought they had quite a British, almost post-punky element to their tracks, a raucous, live feel. The first tracks we heard from them, both included on this album, ‘SWMY (Staying With My Girl)’ and ‘Heart Attack’ are almost ElectroPunk tunes with chant along choruses, and yet the recent songs to come from the LexiconDon camp ‘December Sunset’ and ‘Student Body’ revealed a slicker, more mature sound. From the dreamily introspection of ‘December Sunset’ to the smoother Disco sound ‘Student Body’.

So where does the rest of the album sit? Are LexiconDon a gang of rowdy Electro troublemakers or sharp dancefloor lovers?

The answer, thankfully, is both! And that’s the most impressive thing about this record. It flows, so effortlessly, from high energy, buzzsaw synth laden, anthems to smooth late night SynthPop jams without seeming in any way jarring. Thanks, in part, to Alex Koons vocals and lyrics. The man is a story teller, weaving tales of everyday lives and loves that, at the same time, feel relatable yet exiting (kinda’ like, and I’m sure this is no accident, watching an 80’s teen movie). This is done in such a distinctive stylistic voice that, whether the songs are related or not, it feels like a complete narrative.

Musically, there is something for every Electro fan, from the noisy synths of ‘Hollywood Sound’ to the synthesizer Funk of ‘Student Body’ to the retro SynthPop of ‘Boy Vs. Girl Pt. 1’. And, of course, there is a healthy dose of Dreamwave in the mix, ‘Hot Love’ in particular has some awesome huge Dreamwave-esq 80’s chords.

Honestly (and this is in no way meant as a dis to the early LexiconDon tracks) I really liked ‘Heart Attack’ and ‘SWMY’ when they first came out, but I would have never expected an album this good, this varied, this slick, to come from the same band. LexiconDon’s ‘Pink + Blue’ is defiantly one of the albums of the year.

LexiconDon – December Sunset

LexiconDon – Student Body

LexiconDon’s ‘Pink + Blue’ drops tomorrow on dubFrequency/Binary, and keep it locked to electronic rumors for our forthcoming Binary event!

LexiconDon @ Beatport

LexiconDon @ Juno

LexiconDon @ 7Digital

LexiconDon @ Amazon

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