Daybehavior will be a name well known to anyone who, like us,  weathered the SynthPop ‘wilderness years’ of the mid-90’s to the mid-2000’s, before it became vogue again.

Many of the acts that were associated with the so-called ‘modern SynthPop’ scene were, unfortunately, stale and fell quickly by the wayside but Daybehavior was one of the shining beacons of hope in the sea of mediocrity.

Formed in 1993 Daybehavior, and the like, kept us going when the world wanted BritPop and dance music was all about being ‘hard’. Now, after a brief split, Daybehavoir are back, with the original line up, and releasing a new album! Their 3rd studio album will be out soon but the band have given us a taste of what to expect in the form of ‘City Lights’, an awesome, hypnotic, synthetic urban hymn. An electronic ode to travelling through the city with more than a small nod to Kraftwerk’s own train journey.

Daybehavior – City Lights

Daybehavior’s 3rd album will be released soon, their two previous records are still available:

Daybehavior @ Amazon

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