Versant (what Carah Faye did next…)


So, what’s the worst decision once great Indie-Electro act Shiny Toy Guns ever made? Quite simply it was ditching vocalist Carah Faye Charnow in favour of some reality TV wannabe, this has been proved by their disappointingly mediocre second album.

The decision, however, seems to have turned out for the best for Carah. Now based in Sweden she’s back with her new outfit Versant and dropping the kind of powerful Indie-Electro that the STG’s album wishes it was.

Just check these three demos here; from the huge Electro Rock of ‘Out Of Touch’ to the more intimate ‘Push Away’ these tracks would work just as easily on the dancefloor or in a gritty rock club and see a welcome return of Carah’s voice powering through cutting synths and dirge guitars.

Versant – Out of Touch (Demo.) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Versant – Push Away (Demo.) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Versant – Quick Escapes (Demo.) (zShare) (MediaFire)

If I was a surviving member of Shiny Toy Guns I would be kicking myself!

Versant release their self-titled début album on February 17th 2010, until them go show them some big MySpace love!

Versant @ MySpace

2 comments on “Versant (what Carah Faye did next…)

  1. Oh Versant 🙂
    That’s a relaly good idea to post a short review about them!

    I totally agree with you from the fact that sucks Carah left STG but more music to listen ! So, as you guees I discovered them with Carah a year ago and totally love this band. that’s why I made a blog, to help them and promote them in my country, in France! (If you want to reply, via this blog!)

    Gosh! I’ll almost die now! A new demo? How did you find this one?
    Tell me!

    (Sorry for my bad english!)

  2. I’ve seen a ton of interviews from both sides regarding the split. And from them I’ve gathered she was thrown out. She even believed at first the band was splitting up until she saw the STG website. They treated her really bad. They said SHE wanted out because she fell in love with their sound guy. She did fall in love with him, but never expected or wanted out. They twisted it up. Those Fame mongers. Look what their stuck with now. Glad she’s doing so well with Versant. She seems much happier with her new band. I guess it’s also a plus her boyfriend in it too. 😛

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