[Audio] Tesla Boy’s’ Split’

tesla boy

Russia’s Dreamwave superstars Tesla Boy are easily one of our favourite acts to emerge in the last decade. Ranging from nostalgic Dreamwave to catchy ElectroPop, Anton and crew always inject their tracks with so much soul it’s hard not to get sucked in. Their 2012 album, Modern Thrills is an actual masterpiece of Disco tinged SynthPop, and that might sound like hyperbole, but just listen to it, you’ll see.

This week they release a brand new single, which we have been very much looking forward to. it’s called Split and it doesn’t disappoint. No-one quite does, what is essentially vocal SynthWave, quite like Tesla Boy. Split has a big, powerful sound but keeps it personal with the vocals. Huge retro synths chords and arpeggiated bass dominate the chorus and before the track brings it back down low for the verse, just to build you up again. With the prefect tempo for a laid back groove, not too fast, but not to chilled either, Split is a huge, and welcome, return for Tesla Boy. It’s B-side, Another Light mixes up a little Indie and a tiny bit of a Tropical sound into Tesla Boy’s Synth repertoire before going large for the sing-a-long chorus. reMixes on the single come from Pioneerball, SoundSAM and St. Petersburg Disco outfit 7th Myriads, who deliver a piano House infused, summery Disco, version of Split, with a beach party vibe. Hopefully this single is the precursor to a new album, which would be an awesome start to 2013.

♫ Tesla Boy – Split

♫ Tesla Boy – Another Light

♫ Tesla Boy – Split (7he Myriads reMix)

Tesla Boy’s Split is out now.

Buy Tesla Boy’s music from:


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