[Audio] Yale’s ‘City Feeling’



City Feeling is the new tune from Australian ElectroPop duo Yale. These guys have slowly but surely making a name for themselves over the past year or so mixing up SynthPop, Nu-Disco and breezy beach sounds in a handful of well received singles. This latest release, City Feeling, was mixed by one of our favourite Aussie producers, and one we don’t nearly hear enough from these days, G.L.O.V.E.S.. Give it a listen.

We’re treated here to some slick, sunkissed, SynthPop with a Disco tinge. Boyant synths and Disco licks introduce you to the track that heaps on the groove in truck-loads. From the rolling Island percussion to the carefree synth stabs, this one is a surefire summer burner, capturing that urban sunshine playfulness needed for a top-down anthem. Yale’s breakthrough tune? Maybe so.

♫ Yale – City Feeling

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[MP3] Jordan F reMixes Yale


Yale are an Indie-Dance duo hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Their track Lost In The Crowd has been giving the shining SynthWave treatment by Aussie ex-pat Jordan F. We generally love it when Jordan gets his hands on some vocals, not that we don;t love his music anyway, but how he works a song into a blissful, hazy, dream is always something we look forward to.

This time he had a pretty good starting point. Yale’s track is slick summery Indie-Electro, full of heart, which gives Jordan the perfect jump-off point to weave his nostalgic magic. The whole thing is just so warm and fuzzy you can’t help but become enthralled by it. The tracks wonderfully heartfelt vocals are a fine match for Jordan’s emotional electronics. Smooth retro sounds at their fullest.

Yale – Lost In The Crowd (Jordan F reMix)

♫ Yale – Lost In The Crowd

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