T.B.S. – The Bloody Sisters

T.B.S. (A.K.A. The Bloody Sisters) are a Parisian duo who are bringing the fuck back to us after all this dark synth stuff! 😉

‘Rock Your Body (T.B.S. AutoreMix)’ features American singer Enois Scroggins and Frenchman Rpiz on the talkbox and is some severely groove laden French Touch to chill you out with a rolling bass you can’t resist! The Frenchmen have also reMixed Walter Sobcek’s awesome ‘Je Me Souviens’ layering the dreamy SynthPop with their own Disco style.

The prefect comedown to a stressful day!

T.B.S. – Rock Your Body (T.B.S. AutoreMix)

Walter Sobcek – Je Me Souviens (T.B.S. reMix)

The ‘Rock Your Body’ single is released 29th October in Sismic Music.

T.B.S. @ Beatport

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