Com Truise reMixes Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira

American ex-ElectroPop waif turned “American singer, songwriter, model, and actress” (passable, but not really exceling at any one vocation) Sky Ferreira has a new EP out in November. The result of being tossed around from label to label, producer to producer, with no clear vision of her own, the Ghost EP, is the next chapter in her confusing, if occasionally  musically pleasing, career. Of particular interest is the lead track, Red Lips and it’s workout by Brooklyn’s king of SynthWave, Mr. Com Truise.

Truise mixes in the Post-Punk guitar of the original with his own vintage synth sounds, which sometimes makes for unusual tones, but luckily doesn’t last long before descending into a full-on collision between the Sci-Fi sounds of Com Truise and the husky vocal of Ms. Ferreira. Com gets busy with rolling analog synth arpeggios and rapid fire and he drags Sky into his dark future world. It;s a strange combination, but one that end up working really well.

♫ Sky Ferreira – Red Lips (Com Truise reMix)

Sky Ferreira’s Ghost EP is released 16th November.

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