[MP3] Walter Sobcek reMix Sebastien Schuller

Sebastien Schuller

Well, it certainly been a while since we heard form our Dreamwave friends Walter Sobcek, not since the start of this year have we heard a new track from them, but they haven’t been sitting around waiting their time it seems. Some of the fruits of their absence is right here in the form of this dreamy reMix of French artist Sebastien Schuller’s ‘Nightlife’.

Immediately we remember exactly what we loved about Walter Sobcek ad they take just four minutes to carry you away to far-off Cosmic locales. Warm, resonant, synth tones, ringing melodies set against gently guitar and a steady Italo bassline. I finished off that pervious sentence about an hour ago and have just been sat here, with headphones on, listening to this track on repeat, it’s like a music daydream. A swirling mist of beautiful sounds and electronic beats, half heard vocals and a rolling synthetic choir of synths. Oh, and the wicked solo just adds an all new dimension of epic just when you aren’t expecting it. Amazing stuff, we’re so glad these guys are back.

Sebastien Schuller – Nightlife (Walter Sobcek reMix)

Sebastien Schuller’s Nightlife is out now.

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