Ghosthouse’s ‘Stop Drop & Roll’ (with Miami Nights 1984 & Sam Padrul)


Madcap Chicago Electro Boogie trio Ghosthouse have been an act we’ve been keeping an eye on for some time now. They are so much fun, like Chromeo and The Time and Prince in a blender. they’ve just dropped a new single, ‘Stop Drop & Roll’ with a full reMix package, for absolutely free!

‘Stop Drop & Roll’ is a precursor to their forthcoming EP, but that doesn’t mean it can’t fill out this single package in it’s own right. It’s funky as fuck and catchy as hell, complete with sing-a-long chorus and big synth stabs. Ghosthouse have got the retro-synth-Funk thing so locked down it’s hard to imagine world domination wouldn’t be an option. Seriously, ‘Stop Drop & Roll’ is infectious like boogie mind control. The reMix package is pretty stunning too, it’s amazing that this single is free. One of our favourite producers working today Miami Nights 1984 works some sweet sweet SynthWave magic, the sheer Funk of the original allowing MN84 to get a little groovier than usual. The reMix is of the quality we’ve come to expect from one of the leading lights of the SynthWave scene, a producer at the top of his game MN84’s reMix is all big vintage synths and mind-blowing solos. Another friend of electronic rumors, Sam Padrul, contributes a huge slice of laid back Disco with a cosmic twist and a chilled 70’s vibe to it’s electric piano lead line. It’s Disco of the inner-city variety, like a soundtrack to the summer’s heating up of the concrete and parties starting. The single is packed full of other versions of the track. Team Bayside High get digital slap bass heavy Electro with it while Shuteye drop some jump-up beats. J.Larroc’s mix is deep military Disco and the record is rounded off with some dancefloor Electro-House from Compact Disco. It’s a highly recommended collection with an unbelievable price.

Ghosthouse – Stop Drop & Roll

Ghosthouse –  Stop Drop & Roll (Miami Nights 1984 reMix)

Ghosthouse – Stop Drop & Roll (Sam Padrul reMix)

‘Stop Drop & Roll’ is out right now, for the reasonable price of free! Pick it up right here.

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Sam Padrul’s new tune

Sam Padrul

‘Let’s Make History’ is the new track from Chicago based Funkmeister Sam Padrul.

Dropping a smooth slab of Funk with more soul, less robotics than his previous tracks Sam delivers a chilled get down jam. In his own words: “After having been listening to disco and early 80’s boogie records for the past several months, I was inspired to make a track that was more organic, downtempo, and groovier than my previous single, “All I Do”. In particular, this song was inspired a lot by Bill Withers’ “Bout Love” album, whose smooth Wurlitzers and Rhodes kept me groovin’.”. He’s nailed those slick, funky vocals perfectly. Nothing but good times could come from a track like this, it’s like an audio sunset beach party.

Sam Padrul – Let’s Make History

Check out more from Sam Padrul on SoundCloud.

Sam Padrul reMixes Ghosthouse


Ghosthouse are a Chicago duo who make ElectroPop tracks with a massive dose of Funk. their latest track ‘9.2.5’ has been given the reMix treatment by Sam Padrul.

I was going to try to write this without mentioning Chromeo, but it was too much like hard work, because Ghosthouse are defiantly traveling the same road, with some added Prince-like qualities and pulsing electronics to make their sound their own. Sam Padrul takes the track and gives it a laid back beach Nu-Disco workout full of bouncing synths and a slick little guitar lick the roll the track along.

Ghosthouse – 9.2.5 (Sam Padrul reMix)

Ghosthouse – 9.2.5

Check out more from Ghosthouse on SoundCloud.

Sam Padrul’s ‘All I Do’

Sam Padrul

Sam Padrul début single ‘All I Do’ has been making quite a few blog waves this week, we’ve been a bit busy, so if you haven’t checked it yet, here it is.

It’s a nice slice of Disco ElectroPop with a soulful edge. Crammed to bursting point with Funk bass and slick Disco guitar licks, but it’s those Moog-esque lead lines that have us hooked. With Blue Satellite’s hand in production this is one Funk filled jam. The weather had taken a turn for the shitty worldwide it seems, well throw this track on and close your eyes, it’s summer again.

Sam Padrul – All I Do

Check out more from Sam Padrul on SoundCloud.

Short Circuit reMixed by Sam Padrul

We’ve already dropped the Fabian reMix of Short Circuit’s awesome ‘How We Speak’, now check out this funktastic version from Sam Padrul.

The Chicagoan producer lays on the Fuck thick on his reMix. He already had the sweet vocoder Disco of the original to work with and has taken that and run with it. The retro chords and digital slap bass are almost too much to bear playing off each other to bring whole new levels of smooth to ‘How We Speak’.

Short Circuit – How We Speak (Sam Padrul reMix)

‘How We Speak’ is taken from Short Circuit’s ‘Late Night Drive’ EP, out now on Binary Entertainment.

Buy Short Circuit’s music from:

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