[Audio] Logan Sky’s new album

Logan Sky

London based SynthWave artist Logan Sky is gearing up for the release of his brand new album, Face The Flames. Previously part of ElectroPop duo Saar & Sky, one of our favourite acts of the past few years, Logan has been steadily carving out a name for himself as a solo artist producing some of the most interesting Italo influenced sounds around.

Right now we can have a listen to the first track from the album to be revealed, Blonde Cobra. It’s a rich slice of futuristic Italo. An edgy BladeRunner mood is countered with bright, shining melodies as an ominous arpeggiated bassline powers the track onward amidst waves of Sci-Fi synths. Haunting and atmospheric whist still being a solid Italo floorfiller, Blonde Cobra has us eager to hear more from the soon-to-be released new record.

♫ Logan Sky – Blonde Cobra

Logan Sky’s Face The Flames album is released 25th February.

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The return of Saar & Sky

Saar & Sky

A few years ago Saar & Sky were, briefly, one of the best Electro acts in London. A melting pot of Italo, SynthPop and the emerging Dreamwave and SynthWave styles with an energetic live show and some seriously catchy songs. Then distance divided this duo and Saar & Sky were no more. We all mourned. It was dark times.

So it was a pleasant surprise to find a new Saar & Sky EP incoming. Born of late night phonecalls this isn’t really a return for these guys, more of a decision that they had too many good songs on ice not to release them in some form or other. The result is the ‘Maria’ EP, a collection of five of their best unreleased tracks. Much of this you might already know, either from live or from their MySpace page (yes, it was that long ago), which make it doubly nice to now have the good quality studio recordings of these songs available. The great, and unique, thing about Saar & Sky was always their combination of styles. On the one had you have Logan Sky’s very Italo influenced Electro sounds, robotic grooves and big power stabs, and on the other there’s Saar soulful, almost R&B vocals. That combination of machine beats and smooth songs was way ahead of it’s time in terms of the surge of vocal Nu-Disco. The tracks on the EP, surprisingly, haven’t really dated much. ‘Maria’, the lead track is a rich, haunting slice of retro Pop, all dreamlike riffs and electro tom rolls alongside Saar’s impassioned vocals and sets the tone for the EP. Saar & Sky slide from the harder dance tracks like the insanely catchy ‘Confessions’ to  to the more eclectic end of Italo found on tracks like ‘Falshback’ throughout the EP, never afraid to try something new within their vocal SynthWave framework.  If this is the epilogue to Saar & Sky it’s a fitting tribute, kinda’ hoping it’s not though.

♫ Saar & Sky – Maria

Saar & Sky’s ‘Maria’ EP is released 15th May.

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Saar & Sky

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Saar & Sky, and I say “my pleasure” as I believe S&S are one of the best bands in London, which in the current musical climate is saying quite a lot.

Both members of electronic act New Europeans, these two have branched off to produce something kinda’ poppier than their previous work.

In a world of retro-esq or nostalgia laden gimmicky tracks this ElectroPop duo make authentic 80’s sounding Pop tunes. Even without the synth work the songwriting itself is straight out of the great decade but the package is wrapped with the tiniest hint of French/Electro-House, just enough to make it sound fresh and relevant.

Whether it’s the layers of synthesizers, the electro toms or Saar’s impassioned vocals (which have just the right amount of theatricality without sounding over the top, a real trait of 80’s vocals) the guys have nailed it.

Give it a listen:

Saar & Sky – Charge Me Up (zShare) (MediaFire)

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Saar & Sky @ MySpace