Saar & Sky

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you Saar & Sky, and I say “my pleasure” as I believe S&S are one of the best bands in London, which in the current musical climate is saying quite a lot.

Both members of electronic act New Europeans, these two have branched off to produce something kinda’ poppier than their previous work.

In a world of retro-esq or nostalgia laden gimmicky tracks this ElectroPop duo make authentic 80’s sounding Pop tunes. Even without the synth work the songwriting itself is straight out of the great decade but the package is wrapped with the tiniest hint of French/Electro-House, just enough to make it sound fresh and relevant.

Whether it’s the layers of synthesizers, the electro toms or Saar’s impassioned vocals (which have just the right amount of theatricality without sounding over the top, a real trait of 80’s vocals) the guys have nailed it.

Give it a listen:

Saar & Sky – Charge Me Up (zShare) (MediaFire)

Go show S&S some MySpace love and check out their other tracks:

Saar & Sky @ MySpace

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