Rumor is UK House producer Chris White who mainly drops tunes of the Progressive or Tech persuasion. Now, I’m not usually a massive fan of Prog or Tech (especially Tech) but Chris’ tracks have somehow wormed their way into my brain. And if two Englishmen can’t find common ground over the fact that they both spell ‘rumor’ like Americans, then the terrorists have won.

I’ve picked the two standout original tunes for me, ‘Glow’ and ‘Dirty Hands’. It’s all about the deep groove round Rumor’s way, hypnotic and beautiful, like an audio black hole, drawing you in, and possible destroying you at the same time. ‘Glow’ is a late night jam for darkened dancefloors with killer percussion and the deepest of Deep House hooks, while ‘Dirty Hands’ is like a smooth cyborg juggernaut, as soulful as it is menacing.

♫ Rumor – Glow (Original Mix)

♫ Rumor – Dirty Hands (original mix)

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