[Audio] Prins Thomas’ ‘Åpne Slusa (Lang Versjon)’


Prins Thomas

Åpne Slusa will be appearing on the forthcoming third album from Norwegian Cosmic Disco pioneer Prins Thomas, titled Prins Thomas III. the album will be dropping on Full Pupp and ahead of the release Prins’ own label, Rett I Fletta, is sneaking out an EP based around the track headlined by this Lang Versjon.

And Lang it is too; clocking in at just under ten minutes, Prins revels in the Scandinavian Disco tradition of epic synth wig-outs. Almost immediately the tune hit your with the cowbells, so you know what you;re in for. Italo led quirky Disco grooves and Sci-Fi sounds. Powering forward on an almost Acidic squelchy arpeggio the track takes it’s time to deliver it’s bass heavy galactic core, but when it does you;re already lost in it.

♫ Prins Thomas – Åpne Slusa (Lang Versjon)

Prins Thomas’ Åpne Slusa  is out soon.

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33hz’s new single

Liquid summer gold drips from the speakers when you put on 33hz new single ‘Under The Sun’.

The New York Disco duo are releasing a new album in the Autumn and coming in just before that is this single. A smooth, soulful ,beach jam with an early 90’s electronic R&B flavour. Prins Thomas is on the mix with fun, cosmic, Balearic groove in one of his classic Diskomikses. Both sides of the record are pure crusin’ music. Enjoy.

33hz – Under The Sun

33hz – Under The Sun (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

‘Under The Sun’ is out now, you can pick it up here.

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