[Audio] Tesla Boy & Tyson’s ‘Broken Doll’ reMixed by Pioneerball


tesla boy

Unsurprisingly, the next single from Russian ElectroPoppers Tesla Boy’s amazing current album, The Universe Made Of Darkness, will is Broken Doll. This tune, featuring some vocal work from Tyson, is prime single material. Frequent Tesla Boy reMixers Pioneerball once again contribute to the single reMix package with this thick slice of Boogie.

This one is all about that heavy, heavy, synth Fun bassline. Popping and bubbling away in the background, the irresistible bass serves as a groovy core for Pioneerball’s arsenal of retro synth shimmers. Keeping things mid-paced and solid, Pioneerball serves up a rich vintage DiscoPop powerhouse that perfectly compliments Tesla Boy’s Anton’s vocals. The single also includes a Dub version by Tesla Boy themselves and a reMix of Invisible from Sportloto.

♫ Tesla Boy (Feat. Tyson) – Broken Doll (Pioneerball reMix)

Tesla Boy’s Broken Doll single is out now.

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[Audio] Tesla Boy’s ‘Undetected’ reMixes


tesla boy

As teased in our interview with Anton earlier this month Tesla Boy’s new single from their amazing The Universe Made Of Darkness album is Undetected. The slow-mo snyth funk track also gets three slick reimaginings in the single package, reMixes coming from the likes of Shur-I-Kan, Lipelis and Pioneerball.

Our picks from the single would have to be London producer Shur-I-kan’s funky take on Undetected. Upping the tempo and adding a little energy to the track Shur-I-Kan drags it straight to the dancefloor. Thick synth bass and a flowing Disco groove power this track along, taking Anton’s smooth vocals long for the ride. Also Pioneerball reMix The Universe Made Of Darkness’ ode to the early 90s 1991. Choosing to ignore the track theme, Pioneerball instead conjure up a pitch perfect late 70s Funk take on the track. The whole reMix collection is a nice compliment to the album, check it out.

♫ Tesla Boy – Undetected (Shur-I-Kan reMix)

♫ Tesla Boy – 1991 (Pioneerball reMix)

Tesla Boy’s Undetected single, is out now.

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