Goin’ Old School: Nik Kershaw, Paul Hardcastle & Thompson Twins

Goin’ Old School isn’t a trip down music memory lane, it’s a mugging in the dark alleyway of nostalgia:

Nik Kershaw has just brand new single, The Sky’s The Limit, and album EI8HT, so let’s revisit Human Racing from 1984.

The smooth side of Paul Hardcastle with the soulful Electro Boogie of Don’t Waste My Time, featuring Carol Kenyon, from 1986

Ending today’s Goin’ Old School is the Pop Funk of Thompson Twins with 1982’s Lies.

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Goin’ Old School: Paul Hardcastle – The Wizard

More Paul Hardcastle for you! 1986’s ‘The Wizard’ is three things. One; better, and funkier, than 19, two;  the new (I say new, it was back then anyway) theme to Top Of The Pops, and three; One of the best songs ever written.

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Goin’ Old School: Paul Hardcastle – Nineteen

Paul Hardcastle‘s ‘Nineteen’ is a 1985 classic, both of ElectroPop and B-Boy Electro and an electronic music landmark. Just don’t talk about the atrocious 2010 version he did.

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