[Audio] The Aston Shuffle Shuffle reMixes Owl Eyes’ ‘Golden Lies’


owel eyes

We’ve been talking about Australian singer Owl EyesNightmixes EP for a while now. Having already featured some sterling reMix work from Goldroom and Cassian in the past few months. The EP is out now and is packed with a whopping eight reMixes of tracks from her album, Nightswim. Check out the gloriously hedonistic version of Golden Lies from fellow Australian duo The Aston Shuffle.

It’s a big, euphoric, track that effortlessly flips between Disco tinged Indie-Electro and deep pounding House. Punctuated by breaks of Owl Eye’s sweet vocal, the track either deliver’s a sunkissed, LA vibe. Full of stabbing retro synths and shimmering keys. Or a thick bassed warehouse stomper, complete with pitched down vocals. The two alter-egos of the track seem to converge on the finale where the best of both worlds plays out the song.

♫ Owl Eyes – Golden Lies (The Aston Shuffle reMix)

Owl Eyes’ Nightmixes EP is out now.

Buy Owl Eyes’ music from:

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