Nyteowl ‘Love Of Mine’ video

We had a listen to the MiGHty mOUse reMix of  Nyteowl’s forthcoming new single ‘Love of Mine’ loast month. the single has been pushed back to the end of April, so that give us a chance to check out the new video for the track.

Directed by Erin Michelle Vassilopoulos and Raechel Bosch and it’s generally pretty unsettling. Luckily that is soothed by the sweet analog DiscoPop of the track. With reMixes from Boy 8-Bit, Brassica and Hyboid as well it should be an awesome release.

Nyteowl ‘Love Of Mine’ is released 30th April on Juno’s new label, Love Interest

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MiGHty mOUse reMixes Nyteowl


Earlier this month Minneapolis based four peice Nyteowl released their ‘Love of Mine’ single on Juno’s new label, Love Interest. Amongst the top quality collection of reMix talent was MiGHty mOUse with this Moroder-esque Disco mix.

This is probably the most Italo leaning track MM has done to date, and it’s that more electronic sound that allowed it to slot so well into MM’s recent, amazing, Disco Circus 3 compilation. More synthetic, less sample based, Nu-Disco is becoming more and more popular and we see that as an superb thing and with track like this MiGHty mOUse is going to be leading the charge. This reMix is a wonderful mixture of energy and soul, it’s got the power of the most full-on dancefloor track but oozes the emotion and Funk of late ‘70’s electronic Disco experiments.

♫ Nyteowl – Love Of Mine (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

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Nyteowl & Hyboid


Nyteowl are a Minneapolis outfit that mixes up ElectroPop styles in a thick Deep House groove on their new single ‘Love Of Mine’.

With a slight R&B slant to the vocals and a smooth synthesizer Funk leaning to the synths the track breaks out from he confines of the Detroit bassline to embrace everything that comprises it. It’s mid-temp Pop groove sitting surprisingly well with classic House bassline. The 12” is out soon on Juno Records new label Love Interest and features a reMix by our friends Hyboid who bring in a nice ‘80’s quality to the track, rolling arpeggiated basslines and electro toms bring up the energy from the laid back original and plant to squarely on the dancefloor that reaches it’s peak when the shimmering, chime solo come in and sends the track skyrocketing.

♫ Nyteowl – Love of Mine (Hyboid reMix)

♫ Nyteowl – Love of Mine

The ‘Love Of Mind’ 12” is out soon on Love Interest.

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