Chromeo will drive you home…

Read this first!

A couple of days got I got this phone, a Nokia N8, in the post.

I was gonna’ tell you all about it and my speculation tomorrow (I’ve already done lot of posting today) but Chromeo have just confirmed my suspicions on Twitter, so, well, the cat’s out of the bag.

The phone, besides featuring a lovely Chromeo wallpaper, was pre loaded with Chromeo’s new voicepack for Nokia’s Own Voice SatNav app. That’s right, the 55 tiny songs on ‘Drive Time’ are actually SatNav directions. Chromeo can drive you home!

With Nokia’s Own Voice system for their Ovi Maps SatNav you can record you own directional commands, or just let Chromeo funk you to your destination.

But it’s not as simple as that, the songs/directions themselves are crafted in such a way that whatever your route they make up a complete piece of music, if you see what I mean. Tracks like “Turn Left” and “Destination” flow together on your journey into directions and music. I know, it sounds ridiculous, and feels pretty ridiculous to type, but I still stand by my original comment that these songs/directions are actually really good! If they were to release an album I would buy it!

Which they’re not…and that makes me feel all the more privileged to own one of these:

Check out the whole version of the ‘documentary’, including the SatNav directions in action. I can’t wait to try out the phone on the road!

Regardless of whether the album will, or does, exist, even if this is just a piece of marketing for a SatNav system that lets you record your own directions, it’s genius. For a start, musically, Chromeo have done an amazing (and, I can imagine tough) job on these ‘songs’ and the concept and they way Nokia have presented it has been clever too. Most people I know have been guessing all week. Am I disappointed that Chromeo aren’t making the worlds smallest record? A little, but not much, this week we’ve been kinda’ fun, tiny records an all.

Own Voice sounds like a cool little system too, one you could get really creative with, movie samples, vocoding, you could really make trips up north a bit more fun. And if you did it in your own voice when it led you astray (as Sat Navs are wont to do) then you’d have no-one to blame but yourself!

Of Course, if you REALLY want those tunes, and you are the owner of a Nokia N8, you can download Chromeo’s Own Voice directions, or ‘Drive Time’ in our little world, for free at nokiaownvoice/chromeo.

Chromeo @ Beatport

Chromeo @ Juno

Chromeo @ 7Digital

Chromeo @ Amazon

Disclaimer (‘cos I know Americans get pissy about it): Yes, I was given a Nokia N8, preloaded with Chromeo’s Own Voice sound pack, before writing this post. It’s OK, but it’s not like it’s going to replace my HTC Desire HD, I’m an Android kinda’ guy. Badass camera on the N8 though and a  nice collectors item too.

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