[MP3] NeonFlashDrive’s ‘Kimberly’s theme’


Short but sweet. That’s how we’d describe the new one from British SynthWaver NeonFlashDrive. What we like about NeonFlashDrive, other than the razor sharp production, is that this guy always writes tunes that are specifically about something, in this case Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger. Yes, you read that right. We kinda’ see his point.

Kimberly’s Theme boasts NeonFlashDrive’s typical clean mix and gently increasing layers of arpeggios to create an emotional high. It walks the line, in that way that Futurecop! do, between being obviously 80s influenced, but sounding very modern. There’s no classic analog grit here, it’s all pure, piercing, digital synth goodness. NeonFlashDrive skilfully handles multiple synth lines throughout the track, there’s enough going on here to sound muddy in another producers hands, and keeps things bright and shiny as the track builds towards it’s emotional rush.

NeonFlashDrive – Kimberly’s Theme

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NeonFlashDrive’s ‘Dark City’


Here’s the new tune from UK SynthWave producer NeonFlashDrive, a brooding slice of electronic soundtrack work inspired by the 1987 animé Wicked City. Even though Wicked City is pretty horror based, what NeonFlashDrive has done with this tune is capture the vibe of what was, in our opinion, the golden age of Cyberpunk animé. This track could have quite as easily been influenced by Bubblegum Crisis, Appleseed, Armitage III, Akira or Ghost In The Shell.

Built around ominous synth pad that immediately install a dark future mood, NeonFlashDrive soon takes us on a sonic journey through a neon soaked dystopia with Dark City. With nods to Italo and SynthPop in it’s driving arpeggios, digital bass and haunting, ringing, melodies. Don’t think it’s all mysterious soundtrack stuff, this track’s got a groove to it too!

NeonFlashDrive – Dark City

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