[Mixtape] Moonbootica’s ‘On Vacation Mix


Moonbootica – Resident Mix 9010 (On Vacation Mix) = Here’s an awesome mixtape from Germany’s Moonbootica to see you into the weekend. It’s an hour of smart Disco sounds and broken Dance beats. That’ll do nicely.

Moonbootica – Resident Mix 9010 (On Vacation Mix)

The tracklist:

01. Erobique – Endorphinmachine
02. Erdbeerschnitzel – I Wonder
03. Scandal – Just Let Me Dance (Maxii Soundsystem Mix)
04. DJ Steef – Venusian Missing
05. Dragon Suplex – Bakerman (DS Edit)
06. Feed Me – Love Is All I Got (Larse Mix)
07. Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Place Of Love (Pwndtiac Mix)
08. Black Van – Inside (Oliver Mix)
09. Mixhell – Exit Wound (Aeroplane Mix)
10. Alex Metric (Feat. Oliver) – Motion Study
11. Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Alex Metric Mix)

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Moonbootica’s ‘Battle No. 1’

Moonbootica’s video for their Funkin’ new single ‘Battle No. 1’ is an Old School flashback supreme.

There a bit of everything in there. Wild Style, Breakin’, old Bambaata footage, Rock Steady Crew. It’s uprockin’ and spraycanin’ goodness. The songs pretty tight too, a banger with groove. Could have done without the “whoop”s though.

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