Grum reMixes Lonsdale Boys Club

Lonsdale Boys Club

Grum is back! Frankly we could just leave the whole post at that but I suppose we can’t really. It;s been a while since the Scottish producer dropped anything, which is a shame ‘cos everything he;s dropped so far has been gold, his ‘Heartbeats’ album of 2012 still gets heavily rotated here.

So, Grum return to us is heralded by his reMix of London Indie-Pop trio Lonsdale Boys Club who we don’t know much about save for they look really irritating. Their track ‘Light Me Up’ seems to be one of those middle-class-boy-get-a-bit-rowdy tiresome things which, luckily, becomes a work of art in Grum’s hands. The man delivers a slick DiscoPop epic that the rest of the internet seems to be saying is a lot more commercial than his previous work, but I don’t really see that. I think Grum has always had an ElectroPop streak to his synthy Nu-Disco and that’s in no way a bad thing. Here he shows he’s lost none of his Midas touch.

♫ 01 Lonsdale Boys Club – Light Me Up (Grum reMix)

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