CHEW LiPS & Lieke

Chew Lips on Myrtle court

Here’s the first reMix of CHEW LiPS awesome ‘comeback’ single ‘Do You Chew?’ that we are really feeling. It comes from new Polish producer Lieke, who get’s all proggy on out asses.

His mix of ‘Do You Chew?’ is a deep House groove with ElectroPop sensibilities. Gone is the original’s raw energy and choppy beats to be replaced with a slick, classy groove. This gentle dance track, rather than neutering the original, merely changes it into something new. The sense of danger and chaos has been excised, this track isn’t about exciting Indie dancefloors, this is about smooth sunrise moments. Incorporating elements of ‘90’s House, Euphoric Trance and a whole lot of Prog, Lieke isn’t going to slay any dancefloors with this mix, but he will soundtrack quite a few more chilled moments. Job done.

CHEW LiPS – Do You Chew? (Lieke reMix)

‘Do You Chew?’ is out now.

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