[Audio] JD Samson & MEN’s ‘All The Way Thru’


JD Samson & MEN

Here’s the first single from the new record from JD Samson & MEN. It’s been a couple of years since the ex-Le Tigre Samson’s MEN’s last album, Talk About Body, and we weren’t even sure if a new album was coming, so we’re pretty pleased about this announcement and this first tune, All The Way Thru, promises good things.

Co-produced with Yuksek (he gets everywhere these days, doesn’t he?), All The Way Thru is a lot slicker that we’ve previously heard from MEN. A more polished affair, it’s a slick mixture of Deep House, Progressive House and ElectroPop, with a bit of an Indie-Electro edge to it. What all that means is woody basslines, big synth sweeps and some really nice, heartfelt vocals. The single comes equipped with a Pop mix (!) and three other reMixes.

♫ JD Samson & MEN – All The Way Thru

MEN’s new album, Labor, is released 22nd October.

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