Ride The Universe reMixes Jane Badler

Jane Badler

Are you sitting comfortably? No? Well maybe you should skip this track until you can find yourself somewhere decent to sit, or preferably lie, ‘cos this track is so smooth that you might just loose the use of your legs and melt into a pool of Funk. And for health and safety reasons we have to suggest you minimise injury when that happens. I’ve been wanting to write about this track for a couple of months now, purely so I can use the phrase ‘rodent chomper’, as you’ll see. Dreamwave superheroes and the funkiest men in the business Ride The Universe’s latest reMix assignment is for rodent chomper Jane Badler, who is apparently not only the leader of an alien invasion force, but also a pretty slick cabaret singer too.

The Ride the Universe crew’s reMix of Yesterday’s Tomorrows starts smooth, and gets smoother. Riding not just the universe, but also a laid back groove, the foursome drop some chilled electric piano, a rolling bassline and even a hint of sax drifting across the rooftops. Even the Disco beat seems to be saying “don’t worry about it, just relax”. Balder’s cabaret style is a little grating for my personal tastes, but that can in no way obscure the amazingness that it that is this tune, the best of current Nu-Disco. Here’s hoping for a Dub. The only problem with Ride The Universe is that their productions are to few and too far between, each new tune they drop leaves us eager for the next. Did I mention it was smooth?

♫ Jane Badler – Yesterday’s Tomorrows (Ride The Universe reMix)

Yesterday’s Tomorrows is taken from Jane Balder’s EP Mistaken Identity, out now. The reMix will be out soon on Ninthwave.

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