[MP3] Chromatics reMixed by Visione



Chromatics’ classic and Drive & Taken 2 featuring epic Tick Of The Clock has been given this sweeping sharp update by Chicago producer and Chromatics’ own Visione. Tick Of The Clock is so recognisable now, you’d recognize it even if you didn’t know it from it’s gritty Italo arpeggios and spend all day wondering where you knew it from. It’s weird hearing a new version, but Visione does the business right here.

The new reworking keeps the originals haunting, hypnotic groove but injects the track with a little omph and some serious Cosmic snyths. Over a gruelling machine beat, the originals trance inducing riff plays out, with added help from a truck load of atmospheric synthetic squealing keys before launching into a soaring finale. The perfect end to the week.

Chromatics – Tick Of The Clock (Visione’s The Stroke Of Midnight reMix)

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