[Video] IAMX’s ‘I Come With Knives’


IAMX    I Come With Knives     Official Video    YouTube

Here’s the latest single from Indie-Electro staple IAMX. The raw and gratingly catchy I Come With Knives is the second single previewing Chris Corner’s forthoming fifth studio album, out later this month.

Check out the clip, directed, shot and edited by Michel Briegel and shot in Joshua Tree National Park.

I Come With Knives is taken from IAMX’s forthoming new album, The Unified Field, due out 22nd March.

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Alec Empire’s reMix of IAMX’s ‘I Am Terrified’ video

Here is the viral video for Alec Empire’s reMix of the IAMX song ‘I Am Terri­fied’.

It was shot and edited by Chris Corner himself and just shows you don’t need a massive budget to produce something with stunning visuals!

The reMix is released on ‘Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK’, which fans in the UK can get packaged as a bonus disc with the UK release of IAMX’s last album, ‘Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction’,  17th May on 61Seconds.

Both albums are currently available separately in Europe.

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New IAMX album!


IAMX, the solo project of one-time Sneaker Pimp Chris Corner, is set to drop his third album early next month. ‘Kingdom of Welcome Addiction’ is incredibly eagerly awaited and promises to be on par with the previous two avant-garde Indie-SynthPop masterpieces.

Expect an album full of boundary-pushing, genre-blurring, journey-taking epic songs as Corner deconstructs everything around him and recreates it in his own image.

Check these tow low-quality samples to wet your appetite, the album’s opener, ‘Nature Of Inviting’, and last year’s single, ‘Think Of England’.

I can’t wait!

IAMX – Nature Of Inviting (zShare) (MediaFire)

IAMX – Think Of England (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Kingdom of Welcome Addiction’ is released on May 19th.

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