[Audio] Hot Natured’s ‘Off World Lover’



2013’s Different Sides Of The Sun, by robotic House supergroup Hot Natured is still one of our favourite albums of the decade so far. The outfit, consisting of London SynthPop turned synthetic House master Ali Love, Chicago DJ superstar Lee Foss, Wales’ fines Jamie Jones and CazalsLuca C delivered an instant classic in their début full length record. Sounding unlike anything else around at the time, the album grabbed house and took it down a decidedly 80s Electro alleyway for a good seeing to. Ali Love’s futuristic, Sci-Fi themed vocal performances, paired with a host of quality guests, and an array of stripped down & groovy, analog dance tracks made Different Sides Of The Sun something both compelling and unique. It’s an album that still in heavy rotation round these parts.

It’s been eighteen months since the last new tune from this foursome. We’ve had reMix singles in the meantime (including the amazing Luxry mix of Benediction) but new in terms of original track. Well the wait was finally over with the announcement of Off World Lover. The single is due out in September, as a prelude to the group’s sophomore album that is slated for a 2016 release and will feature a remix from Bristolian producer Will Clarke.

Appropriately released on Jones and Foss’s Emerald City label, Off World Lover continues deeper along their visionary House journey. From a title that brings BladeRunner to mind, to Ali’s interplanetary lyrics, to the otherworldly lead lines this is definitely SynthPop and House music for futurists.

Hot Natured have this knack of making raw, analog sounds sound rich and full. Like most Hot Natured tunes, Off World Lover is quite minimal in it’s arrangement, but never feels like it. In lesser producers hands this synthetic orchestra might sound lacking, but these four maestros can eschew flashy, cheap, modern production tricks and still sound as bombastic as any of today’s big, overproduced, dance tunes. With a growling, rumbling bass undulating over a skippy House beat the foundations are laid for this galactic opus. Synthesizers bleep, sounding like the alerts of a spaceship’s computer while electronic strings zip past like starlight and an otherworldly hook plays in the distance like a half-heard Theremin. Over this Ali’s passionately delivers his long-distance lament, calling out between the planets to his long lost love. Howe Hot Natured manage to sound like this, and never once stop being unbelievably funky is a mystery. But they do, and we’re all thankful for that.

♫ Hot Natured – Off World Lover

Hot Natured’s Off World Lover is released 18th September.

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[Video] Hot Natured’s ‘Benediction’


Hot Natured   Benediction  Official Video    YouTube

House supergroup Hot Natured’s absolutely amazing Benediction has finally got itself an official video. This comes ahead of the delayed reMix package release next month.

The clip is directed by Samy Mosher and is a nice, dusky, Californian nostalgia fest.

Hot Natured’s Benediction reMixes are released 3rd August.

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[Audio] Lxury reMixes Hot Natured’s ‘Benediction’


Hot Natured

Lxury, the man behind J.A.W.S. and a storming reMix of Chvrches Lies has served up this reMix of London/LA House collective Hot Natured’s Benediction from 2012. Getting the stamp of approval from the Hot Natured crew, Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C, and Ali Love; the track sees an official release next month behind some serious radio play.

This one has an awesome flow to it. A deep, deep, bass pops in and out of the track amidst sparse snatches of Ali Love’s original vocal and the kind of melody you just can’t get out of your head. A track perfect for UK festival play, this is both a sunshine jam and a warn club tune. Either way, we can’t stop listening.

♫ Hot Natured – Benediction (Lxury reMix)

Lxury’s reMix of Hot Natured’s Benediction is released 10th March.

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[Audio] Hot Natured & Róisín Murphy’s ‘Alternate State’


Róisín Murphy

London/LA House collective, featuring Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C, and Ali Love, Hot Natured are dropping their début album this week and have been teasing fans with hints of what to expect for the past month. One of the track we were most excited to hear was this one, Alternate State. We were excited because it features one of our favourite female vocalists, the wonderful Róisín Murphy. Check it out.

It’s a deep, dreamy, groove that flows through Alternate State. Both the bass heavy music, and Róisín’s husky, sultry, drawl, slide out of the speakers like silk. Delicate beats, ghostly synths and a classic House vibe make this a smokey track with a solid core. Hot Natured album, Different Sides Of The Sun, will also feature guest turns from Egyptian Lover, Anabel Englund, Kenny Glashow, and S.Y.F.. It should be a good one.

♫ Hot Natured (Feat. Róisín Murphy) – Alternate State

Hot Natured’s debut album Different Sides Of The Sun is released today.

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