Crystal Castles’ ‘Suffocation’ video

Crystal Castles’ new video for ‘Suffocation’, taken from their second self-titled album, sees Alice gothed up mocking around an abandoned Ney York mansion.

The clip was directed by follow Castle Ethan Kath as part of a shoot for VS. Magazine.

Long time Crystal Castle cohorts, LA’s  noisy Indie-Electro outfit HEALTH have whipped up a pretty deep and hypnotic mix of the tune for a forthcoming reMix package.

Crystal Castles – Suffocation (HEALTH reMix)

Crystal Castles second self-titled album is out now. A new album is due out this summer.

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HEALTH reMix album


Electro tinged Indie noiseniks and some time Crystal castles collaborators HEALTH are gearing up to release a reMix album to accompany their last LP ‘Get Color’

‘Disco 2’ will feature 11 reMixes and one new track, the blog hyped ‘USA Boys’. It will include this reMix by Javelin who take the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it ‘Get Color’ opener, ‘In Heat’, and with the lightest of vocal effects, Disco strings and sweeping synths create a summer monster!

HEALTH – In Heat (Javelin reMix)

HEALTH will be supporting Crystal Castles on their UK tour later this year and their ‘Disco 2’ album drops 22nd June.


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